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Catch Him Cheating with Cell Phone Monitoring

Baby Daddy Tracker offers Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices and Related Services to help catch your cheating Boyfriend in the act. Baby Daddy Tracker does not, at this time, offer services to help find your baby daddy in the event that you do not yet know who or where  he is.  We have the most Accurate and Affordable Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices Guaranteed, and we have payment plans to fit any budget. We Get Results or your money back!

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Why do men cheat?

So why do men cheat? What makes Your Man lose focus when it comes to relationships? Do all men cheat for the same reason? Well there are several types of men on this planet and no not all men cheat for the same reason. Each man has his own lame excuse. Some of the most common reasons are:

The Player in Him - Some men are addicted and cheat only due to the fact they simply can't control themselves. They might get into a relationship or even married but after the initial phase they get back to the routine of cheating and cheat only because of lack of control on their bodies, and the simplicity of their minds.

Lack of attraction- Sometimes things tend to go dry after the initial phases of the relationship and they start looking for better options. Some men tend to loose attraction towards their wife or girlfriend but at the same time do not want to get out of the relationship for security reasons, therefore they tend to cheat.

Sex- This is the most common major reason why most men cheat. According to some men, sex tends to get boring after a while and they want something fresh. In looking for something exciting and something new they tend to cheat on their wives or girl friends.

Constant nagging- Sometimes due to constant nagging and quarrels at home, men/Boyfriends tend to cheat. This might be simply due to his ego satisfaction or just take revenge on his wife or girlfriend. This basically deals with the emotional connection a man is not able to make with his wife or girlfriend and that's why he goes out looking for the same connection with someone else.

No matter what sorry reason or how much sweet talk they come home with, they are still a cheat. If there are children involved this can get alittle more tricky. Do we leave or make him leave? Do we make our children go through that? No, we sit at home and hope one day it will change. Well Trust me ladies, Today is that day. Baby Daddy Tracker offers the latest technology and state of the art Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking devices to monitor your Boyfriend/baby daddy's activities during the day. If you have that gut feeling something is going on, then most of the time you can bet it is.

With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, find out where your Boyfriend/Baby Daddy is before it becomes a problem or you play the fool in your relationship. Some men have all the right lines, but then spend their free time doing who knows what! Now you have the opportunity to know what he is really out doing. Our Real-Time GPS Tracking devices are also useful for those ladies looking for information for child support or custody cases. While our information isn't admissible in court cases, it will lead you right to the evidence you need to hang him by his balls. You get the hands on proof you deserve to know or just confront the players out there. Don't waste your time with some lousy player out there getting booty from anyone he can. Contact Us today, we will help you catch him in the act! We have the most accurate and affordable Real-Time GPS Tracking devices available on the market. Guaranteed!

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What is GPS? The Global Positioning System (GPS) was developed by the Department of Defense and consists of a group of 24 satellites which are monitored by five ground stations. It essentially allows you to pinpoint your location anywhere on the surface of the Earth, even in cloudy weather, with the use of a GPS receiver. The GPS Tracking receiver is a navigational device that uses these satellites as reference points to calculate your position on the ground. It does this by triangulating your position between at least 3 satellites. The GPS Tracking receiver uses the time it takes the coded radio signal to get from the satellite to the receiver to calculate the distance it is from that satellite. So, by accurately measuring the distance from the ground to these GPS Tracking satellites, it can triangulate your position.

Real-Time GPS Tracking consists of 3 basic parts:

1. Control
The control part is the central part of GPS Tracking. This is where the GPS Tracking satellites are monitored and adjustments (atmospheric corrections, timing corrections, etc.) are made. There are 5 stations located worldwide and each GPS Tracking satellite passes over a monitoring station twice a day.

2. Space
The space part is the Navigation Satellite Timing And Ranging (NAVSTAR) group of satellites that bradcast the GPS Tracking signals. There are 24 GPS Tracking satellites orbiting at about 20,200km above the Earth. They each make one revolution approximately every 12 hours.

3. User
Consists of a user and a GPS Tracking receiver. The possible applications of Real-Time GPS Tracking are limitless, and Baby Daddy Tracker has a device for any need.

Satellite Ranging

Real-Time GPS tracking is based on satellite ranging. This technique of measurement is based on timing how long it takes a radio signal to travel from the satellite to the GPS Tracking receiver and then using this time to calculate the distance. There are basically two factors involved. The speed of the radio signal (approximately 300,000km/s) and the time it takes for the signal to reach Earth. The timing is the critical part and requires the use of a very accurate clock, and to facilitate this the satellites do have atomic clocks on board. "Because if the timing is off just a thousandth of a second, at the speed of light, that translates to almost 200 miles of error" (Trimble).


Trilateration refers to the geometric approach to measuring the distance from at least three satellites to determine a position on the surface of the Earth. Basically, the radio waves transmitted from the satellites radiate out in a spherical pattern at the speed of light. Since trigonometry requires three perfect measurements to determine a position in three-dimensional space, the position where these signals intersect with the surface of the Earth and bisect each other (position P on diagram) determines your position on the surface. In three-dimensional space this actually narrows it down to two positions, however one of those positions will generally be rejected mathematically by the receiver as being either too far out in space or moving at an impossible velocity.
This is all assuming that the measurements are perfect, which they are not. Measurements based on only three satellites are not as accurate as using 4 or more satellites. This is mainly due to timing offsets from the non-syncronization of the clocks in GPS Tracking satellites and the GPS Tracking receiver. All of the Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking devices used by Baby Daddy Tracker will always locate with 5 or more satellites.

Calculating Distance

In order to determine the distance the receiver is from the satellite, the receiver basically calculates the time it takes for the signal to travel an x amount of distance at the speed of light (approximately 300,000km/s). Which is the familiar velocity times time problem. Three satellite positions can get you a position in three dimensional space (x,y,z), however due to the nature of the signal transmitted by the GPS satellites the precision may be degraded due to timing offsets. The satellite transmits a coded signal at a specific timing interval using a very accurate clock to time the transmissions (atomic clock). The receiver transmits the same signal at the same timing interval, however the receiver's clock is much less accurate (quartz clock). To compensate for this signal timing offset a fourth satellite is used to calculate a fourth variable, time (x,y,z,t). Even atomic clocks cannot be perfectly syncronized, however the use of four imperfect measurements does help to eliminate the timing offsets.


A number of sources of error can occur that will affect the accuracy of your measurements.
Obstructions: Generally Vehicle GPS Tracking signals are much better in an open field than they are in the trees, next to a building, or in a canyon. This is due to the signal being reflected off the surface of the object and bouncing around several times before it gets to your receiver. This is called multipath error and the result is an increase in the length of the signal which can degrade the accuracy of the measurement.
Atmospheric Delay: Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking signals can also bounce around in the ionosphere and troposphere, which can consequently alter the length of the signal and thus the time it takes to reach the surface. This will also change the location of the position being measured.
Selective Availability: This is the intentional scrambling of the signal to degrade the accuracy. The Department of Defense turned selective availability off in May 2000, but it can be turned back on at any time.

Differential GPS

Differential GPS (DGPS) utilizes two GPS Tracking receivers, one stationary (base station) and one mobile (rover), both tracking the same GPS signals. The base station, used as a reference point, determines what errors the satellite data contains and this data is used to correct the data received by the mobile receivers. The correction can either be applied in real-time or processed later by downloading the correction files from the base station receiver; this is called post-processing. The main reason behind all this is to eliminate some of the errors like multipath that the mobile unit might receive.
Another form of DGPS which is both ground based and satellite based is WAAS.
Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)
The Wide Area Augmentation System, or WAAS for short, consists of both satellites and ground based stations that supply correction information for your GPS receiver. This correction information can provide an improvement in positional accuracy of up to five times greater. It corrects for GPS Tracking signal errors caused by atmospheric disturbances, timing, and other errors. WAAS was developed by the FAA in order to help increase the accuracy of precision flight approaches. The corrected information is broadcast through two geostationary satellites that are located at a fixed location over the equator.

No matter what your tracking need, we've got you covered, with Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking devices from Baby Daddy Tracker.


I put a Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking Device on my boyfriends car after seeing a text message from another female. I suspected something was going on, but I needed to have more proof before showing my hand. After only 3 days of watching his movements, I was able to catch him in several lies about where he was. When my boyfriend called me and told me he had to work late, I told him ok, I am going to Bed. This has happened on several occasions, so he didn't suspect a thing when i got into my car and drove to where the Real-Time GPS Tracking device told me his car was. Sure enough, my boyfriend was over some Stank's house getting it on. Caught red handed. Thanks Baby Daddy Tracker for making it so easy to see what kind of a Boyfriend I had.

Free at Last, GA

My Husband and I have not had the best relationship in the world, we both messed around when we were younger, but 15 years, 1000 promises, and 3 children later, I was hoping that things had changed. My husband is a truck driver, so he is gone most of the time, seems like even more in the past few months. He hasn't had nearly enough money to support the amount of hours he is stating that he is working. I trully didn't want to think he was back to his old tricks. I had to be sure, so I called Baby Daddy Tracker. I told them he was a truck driver and gone out of state most of the time, they suggested using a cell phone monitoring software and a battery operated Real-Time GPS Tracking device that didnt have to be installed in the truck, since i wouldn't be able to get it to them to install it. I stuck the Real-Time GPS Tracking device in the truck and installed the Mobile Phone Monitoring software on his phone while he was in the shower, he never noticed a thing. Next morning he left out for a 3 day run. After only 1 hour of being gone he started having text messages with someone with a 832 area code saying he was almost there to pick her up. 832? that is our area code. My blood pressure went up instantly, but i couldn't let him know i knew yet. I kept a close eye on where the truck went for the next 30 minutes on the Real-Time GPS Tracking Device, it went about 10 miles from our house and made a quick stop, then procceeded to park at a motel just on the outskirts of town. I called my brothers and cousins and went right up to that motel, ripped the wig off the skinny B**** and beat the mess out of my husband. Needless to say, I won in court and now collect Child support every month and won full custody of our children. Thank you Baby daddy Tracker for getting rid of the garbage in my life.

Not Anymore, TX

I suspected my Boyfriend/Baby Daddy of cheating when he wouldn't be intimate with me anymore. He said it was because he didn't feel comfortable after seeing his daughter come out of me, but I knew that was a line of crap. He has another child with another woman that he was still messing with when we met. He asked me to marry him and told me he wanted to be with me forever, I fell for it. He started acting real strange and staying out late, I knew something was up, but he always denied it and said it would only be me and his daughter forever. I called Baby daddy Tracker because I couldnt live without knowing the truth. After speaking with one of their tracking experts, they guided me towards buying a Real-Time vehicle GPS tracking device for my car, which is the only car we have, so if he drives, he drives my car. Everything seemed normal on the GPS Tracking Device  for about a week, he went to work and came home at normal hours. They asked me if I would feel comfortable installing a Mobile Phone monitoring software, said if he sent text messages or sends pic's to another woman that I would know, even if he deleted them before comming home. I gave it a try. I was absolutely shocked at what I read between him and another co worker at his job, but it wasn't a female, it was his Boss. Can't wait til we can get everyone out tonight? What could that mean. Sounded sick to me, but I wasn't sure what was going on. After talking back to Baby Daddy Tracker, they suggested doing some surveillance to see if we could get a better feel for what they are doing. The Private Detective showed me photo's and video they obtained, not only from camera's and video recorders, but from my Boyfriend/Baby Daddy's own cell phone. Now I know my baby daddy is Bi-sexual, and he pays my daughters child support regualrly. we dont talk anymore. Thank you Baby Daddy Tracker for Being my eyes.

Single and Ready to Mingle, MI

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